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George Baicea - musical history

     Born in Bucharest, Romania, George Baicea discovered music and the guitar at the age of fourteen, listening to Jimi Hendrix's records. Since that moment, he dedicated his life on trying to improve his guitar techniques, listening to the great masters: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Frank Zappa, Mike Stern, Miles Davis. In 1992, George was discovered by Alexandru Andries. Alexandru Andries is a very famous performing songwriter in Romania, and he invited him to play in a concert, as guests of Valeriu Sterian, on 21st of December, 1992. After this official debut, George played as member of A. Andries's Band in several concerts: in 1993, 1995, and 2002 at the Royal Palace Hall in Bucharest, also in 1993 at the International Festival "Golden Stag", Brasov, Romania, and many other concerts: in Bucharest, every year, at the National Theatre or other important theatres, at the Hungarian Cultural Centre, the French Cultural Centre in Cluj-Napoca, and others all over the country.
     Also, George played as guest of Alexandru Andries on about 20 albums.

     He started composing in 1995, but released his first solo album "Prins in traffic" (Caught in Traffic) on 24th of February, 2000, and it was produced by Soft Records.
His second album "Trafic Greu" (Heavy Traffic) was released on 15th of May, 2001, and it was produced by A&A Records, licensed by Warner Music. With this album Baicea was nominated, in 2002, for the Romanian Musical Industry Awards, category "best jazz-blues album".

     George had excellent chronicles for this album, both in written-press and in several specialized musical broadcasts at different Radio Stations.
     This is quote from a chronicle, written by Dumitru Ungureanu, appeared in "Observator Cultural": "It?s been three years since I haven?t been listening such a tonic Romanian album.(?) That one is entitled "Trafic Greu" and it is signed George Baicea. It's good to know that Baicea is the best guitar player in our country. And I'm not ashamed to say that this man has a relation with his Fender, that we would expect only from the greatest.(?) Like many writers, George Baicea has improved his interpretative style in loneliness, reaching a level from where he can look around with pride. Not being stressed by any contract or "market requirements", he afforded to travel through different trends, from blues to jazz-rock-progress?."

     In 2000, George started his own band, George Baicea Electtric Blues Band and he had concerts in several clubs in Bucharest and other Romanian cities. The band appeared in shows and talk-shows at different Romanian Radio Stations and Televisions (such us: National Romanian Television-TVR1, PRO TV, TVR2, TELE 7abc). Besides interviews, they played live in most of this shows.

     In 2001, George Baicea composed the music for the movie "Incidentul Ankara" (The Ankara Incident), directed by Antoniu Vasiliu Berenyi.

     In 2004, March 26, he participated at the International Blues Festival, Bucharest, where he met the international-known bassist Steve Clarke, USA and they started a collaboration. So, in June, 2005 George released his third album, "Cinderella", with Steve Clarke-bass and Nicu Georoiu ? drums.

     At the end of 2005 George Baicea Electric Blues Band participated at Blues Festival "Bluzau", Buzau and at the International Jazz Festival Brasov. In February 2006 the band participated at International Blues Festival Sighisoara, in May 2006, at "Jazz Recall Festival", Cluj Napoca, in July 2006 at Garana International Jazz Festival (with Jean-Luc Ponty as headliner) and in February 2007 played at TIAV' 2007 (International Visual Arts Fairy),Bucharest.

     In December 2006, George Baicea had three concerts in Germany, with Wofgang Ziegler on bass and Adrian Militaru on drums and signed a distribution contract with Pangg Vertrieb, Speyer-Germany and in December 2007 had concerts in Holland (Blues Club XXL-Wageningen and Bluessociety l?Esprit ? Rotterdam).

     In November 2008, George Baicea released his third album, "Vintage stories: Jamming in Germany", a live CD recorded in Germany with Wolfy Ziegler ? bass and Adrian Militaru ? drums.
     Also, in November 2008, George Baicea opened for John Hammond in Hard Rock Café, Bucharest and in 2009, for Eric Sardinas in Becker Brau Live Music, Bucharest, and for Coco Montoya at Hard Rock Cafe, Bucharest.

     2010 was the year in which George Baicea reached a superior level of recognition of his talent and mass-audience awareness: a-part of dozens of club performances, he launched the first Romanian Blues DVD, "Stealth - Made In Romania", at A&A Records (Warner Bros. licencee), was the star with his Electric Blues band of the first edition of "Hendrixperience" Festival held in the Danube Delta between 17 and 19th of September and was the only Romanian guitar player selected to open for... Steve Vai concert, on December 8 at Polivalenta Hall, the biggest indoor concert arena of the country !

     George Baicea is member of the Romanian Composers and Musicologists Association and the Author's Rights Association (UCMR-ADA).

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